Who Said No Poaching?!


A lot of people are often surprised when I tell them I poach my chicken. “How can you poach chicken?” They say and I’m guessing they’ve maybe thought about or even tried poaching eggs but that this is about as far down that particular road they’re willing to travel. Well, I say, this needs to stop! Poaching is a great way to cook your food. Of course eggs are great poached – plenty of people are willing to admit that – the thing is, lots of people shy away from it because they think the egg is basically going to end up as one big gooey mess. To be fair, it probably isn’t going to be perfect but by keeping two key principles in mind, you can have relatively “goo-free” poached eggs.

Principle 1: Keep your eggs out of the fridge. Apparently, the temperature difference causes them to come apart more easily in boiling water.

Principle 2: Once you’ve got the water boiling and reduced the temperature to a simmer, break your egg just over the water – don’t drop it in from too great a height.

That’s about it. I’ve heard all kinds of other tips, such as – use vinegar, create a vortex by stirring the water first and then put the egg in after that but, to be honest, I’ve not really noticed much of a difference. Yes, the egg will spill somewhat once it’s in the water but the white part will be just as edible and all you need is something to scoop it up with (one of those metal spoons with the holes in it will come into its own here). Voila! Healthy, yummy-runny-eggies.

So now let’s up our game: chicken. I almost always poach or steam my chicken now. It couldn’t be easier. If you buy frozen chicken fillets then defrost them in the microwave first; otherwise just heat up the water, place in the fillet and go. I tend to simmer them for about 15 minutes. I’ll turn the fillets twice in this time and then I’ll cut them and make sure they’re cooked properly inside. Again, it’s super healthy and – especially if you get your timing right – super tender! Say goodbye to those all those days of dry, chewy chicken and welcome in this new era of mouth watering, meaty morsels. Ultimately, for me, there’s just something about being able to eat chicken on a regular basis whilst maintaining a healthy diet.

Now, all this being said, I probably do need to start varying things in the kitchen a bit more so any other ideas are very welcome! Thanks for reading.


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