Visit James’s Website: www.jamesabeaumont.com

I’m a Language TeacJames 3her whose greatest ambition in life is to publish a novel. I’ve finally decided to face up to the fact this isn’t going to happen unless I build up an online profile. Welcome to the 21st Century, James!
I first fell in love with stories when a primary school teacher read The Hobbit to our class and I can still remember the first story I ever got from the school library when I was seven years old, Dick King Smith’s The Guard Dog. Later on, this same teacher got our class to write a story and I wrote one about a young boy who helps his next door neighbour build a rocket to visit the moon. I’ve been through dozens of career ideas since then, from firefighter to mad scientist but I’ve always known that writing stories is the thing I’m truly passionate about in life.
In the upcoming weeks I will put my website online, which I’ll be using to showcase various short stories that I’ve written and also to help me market my novel, The Magic Bookshelf. In the meantime, feel free to follow this blog; I’ll be updating it on a weekly basis.
Thanks very much for visiting and feel free to get in contact!

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